Western Wildlife Corridor Preserves

Western Wildlife Corridor owns, protects, or manages about 390 acres of greenspace around Cincinnati Ohio. Some of our preserves are private property and others are accessible for you to explore!


Board Member Sarah Kent discusses what makes Western Wildlife Corridor Perserve’s great

This map shows our primary preserves.

Click links to see preserves that are open to visitors. 

1. Conservation Easement (private)  

2. Shady Lane Preserve (private)

3. Turkey Haven Preserve

4. South Road Preserve (private)

5. Whitetail Woods Preserve

6. Bender Mountain Preserve (owned by WWC)

7. Bender Mountain Preserve (managed by WWC)

8. Conservation Easement
9. Delshire Preserve

10. Buckeye Trace Preserve

11. Sisters Hill Parcel

12. Anders Court Preserve

13. Black Walnut Gorge

14. Kirby Nature Center and Preserve!

15. Rapid Run Preserve
16. Muddy Creek Preserve

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