What We Do

Western Wildlife Corridor protects, restores and preserves natural habitat, and provides education to foster connections with nature.

Western Wildlife Corridor Protects and Conserves Land

Since 1992, Western Wildlife Corridor has been focused on protecting natural greenspace in and near the Ohio River valley between Cincinnati OH, and the Indiana border to the west. We do this for a lot of reasons; to protect and preserve habitat for local flora and fauna, to provide opportunities for people to access nature, and to offset and balance the environmental impacts and effects of development around us. Western Wildlife Corridor protects close to 400 acres of natural habitat. And, we have conservation easements, deed restrictions, or management agreements with private and public owners that represent over 100 more acres protected.

Western Wildlife Corridor Restores and Maintains Habitat

Habitat restoration is one of the most important things that we do! Once we have protected a property, either by owning it or through a conservation easement, our goal for the property is to keep it or restore it to a natural state, allowing native plants and animals to flourish. – Habitat restoration typically involves the removal of invasive species of plants. Once invasive plants are removed, native plants will often return on their own, although sometimes we will give nature a helping hand, for example by reseeding. Amur honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) is generally the biggest problem invasive plant species in our area, and plants like Garlic Mustard and Winter Creeper also present challenges. It can take years to clear an entire forest!

Western Wildlife Corridor Educates

Education is the key to ensuring the next generation of nature lovers, supporters, and leadership for Western Wildlife Corridor. We provide educational opportunities for all ages in hands-on situations, from children’s activities to hikes and seminars led by some of the brightest minds in their fields.  It’s actually difficult to *not* learn something at a Western Wildlife Corridor volunteer day, hike, or event. We’re very fortunate to have such a diverse and talented core group of volunteers and leaders. Just check out our board of trustee biographies to see what we mean. And, it certainly doesn’t stop there! Our volunteers are professionals, scientists, and experts in everything from biology and geology to outdoor and survival skills. Check the events page for upcoming hikes or events. And, if you have a skill or expertise you’d like to share check out the volunteer page or hit the Contact Us link to get in touch.

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