Educational Resources

Here we have added recorded speaker presentations, slide shows and other educational information that you can view if you missed a program or to learn more about a subject in nature found in our corridors. Some resources will only remain a short time and more will be added with future events. If you would like to suggest a link to a favorite resource, please email Thanks for visiting, Please check back often!

Recordings, Presentations and Other Resources:

On the Wing at Kirby Nature Preserve with Glenn Crisler II

Great recap to download with photos and ID for each species found August 13, 2022.

Butterflies with Dr. Glenn Crisler II, Presentation

Flower Friendly Insects of Ohio, Jessee Smith, Presentation

Spring Wildflower Hunt in WWC Preserves

Fungi with Dr. Chatfield

Winter Membership Meeting with Dr. Kendra Cipollini,
Importance of Wetland Habitats in Conservation Planning

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