The Secret Life of Birds, Adam McCosham

September 16th, 2023 8:00-10:00 a.m., Kirby Nature Center

Join Adam McCosham, licensed bird bander, for this engaging outdoor program. No matter if you are learning to ID birds, or want to learn how they nest or how they migrate, one way to learn more is to observe a bird banding session. Bird banding is the practice of safely applying a band or tag to part of the bird, usually the leg, for data collection and individual identification. Banding birds allows researchers to learn the migration patterns, life span, breeding territory, and feeding areas of different bird species. Identifying these patterns and behaviors within bird populations plays a critical role in designing and implementing conservation programs for different species of birds. But not just anyone can place bands on birds, you must have the required permits and approvals.

Join us for this interactive outdoor program for a chance to watch bander Adam McCosham in action, while getting a chance to see various bird species up close and personal. You will learn how to identify birds in the hand as well as see how bird banders age, weigh and sex the birds as well as how they affix the band. Banding offers an intimate glimpse into the behavior of birds.
Adam is currently a Conservation and Parks Senior Program Manager with the Great Parks of Hamilton County. He has a degree in Natural Resource Management. Adams has spent the last four years training to band birds and loves passing on his knowledge of natural history to others.

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