Taking Time to Be with Nature

Hello all of you wonderful people. I hope you are doing well and staying healthy. All of our living situations are different, but one thing we can all do is take time to be observe and experience nature. I have found that I can listen to the birds while I am inside working or can get a close up look at plants while I go on a walk.
With the fortune of the season change, my husband and I have been getting out and walking regularly, despite the rain. As we walk around our community, we can see flowers in bloom, trees beginning to bud, birds flying around and filling the air with their songs. Nature is acting as an escape from the uncertainties of the world. When I am walking, I am breathing slower and taking in the smells of forests with each deep breath.
If you can, take time for yourself on a nice day to get out, let yourself be surrounded by the natural world you live in. Notice the flowers popping out of the ground and the splash of green that spring has brought. If you can’t get outside, place your chair near a window to watch the birds, or let the rays from the sun fill you with warmth. There are a lot of things that you can use to make this time more precious.

Download the iNaturalist app on your phone and take part in citizen science projects.

Get crafty: Paint a picture of your favorite flower, make confetti out of leaves with a hole puncher, paint your favorite insect or character on a rock and set them in your front yard for color

Go on a scavenger hunt

Play a board game with your family

Go for a bike ride

Start a nature journal

Plan a picnic on a nice day

Finish your favorite puzzle

Do your workout outside

Take a free class online

Share your ideas! Have you and your family tried something out that you think would be fun for others? Share pictures or videos of your experience on social media with your friends. This is a great opportunity to spread happiness.

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