Oxbow Gives Western Wildlife Corridor a grant to build Pollinator Prairie!

DSC_0004aToday our President Tim Sisson, Board Secretary Mary Perkins and Board member John Klein accepted a check for $2,000 to create a “Pollinator Prairie” at our New Kirby Nature Preserve and Center.

The check was awarded by Oxbow board member Velda Miller and Jon Seymour President of Oxbow Inc.
(Photo L to R: Jon Seymour, Velda Miller, Mary Perkins and Tim Sisson, John Klein photographer)

This native plant prairie will be an important component of our educational “Nature Playscape” planned for our new Kirby Nature Preserve and events center.

We wish to thank Oxbow Incorporated (oxbowinc.org) so very much for their incredible generosity.

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Purpose of Nature Playscape and Pollinator Prairie:
A “Nature Playscape” is an area designed specifically for children to interact, explore, learn. create and be immersed in nature. It is well known children benefit, emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually from interacting and learning about nature. An appreciation of the value of nature will sow the seeds for future generations in the local population to preserve and protect our valuable local natural resources. This is in keeping with the Western Wildlife Corridors stated mission.

One important part of The Nature Playscape is the “Pollinator Prairie.” Our prairie will be approximately one acre planted with seeds or rooted plant material consisting of Ohio native plants.
A foot path around and through this prairie will have creativity areas with signage for children to explore the various elements of the prairie including the types of birds, insects and animals attracted to the praririe.

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