Winter 2000/2001 Issue

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Looking back, 2000 has been a wonderful year for Western Wildlife Corridor, Inc. We have many people to thank, most of whom are WWC mem­bers. We should also take time to consider our roots, as the idea for the Western Wildlife Corridor was initially developed from a committee of Imago. The importance of preserving the corridor became evident and WWC was formed.

A number of exciting things occurred this year for WWC:

We’ve opened an office at KLR Associates at 4739 Delhi Rd. (phone number is 513/244-2250 and fax is 513/244-2465). WWC’s Executive Director, Ron Kruse, donated a computer and office space, which also made it possible to initially hire an intern, Devin Schenk, and then a part-time staff person, Cheryl Reinke Peck. (We will have a new phone number in January, but you may still call KLR and they will direct the call).

In collaboration with Imago:

· We expanded our Board with four new Board members from Price Hill

· Nineteen people in Price Hill (who hold over 129 acres) of land were contacted regarding Conserva­tion Easements or possible donations.

· We acquired 8 acres of land and have two lots pending in Price Hill.

This collaboration has been a major asset for the WWC

Don Patrick, one of our Board Members, donated land to WWC and also increased the size of Glenway Woods by donating land to the Cincinnati Park Board. Most of Don’s properties were purchased at the forfeited land sale. He buys it for the sole purpose of preserving it in its natural state.

WWC is in the process of assisting three people who wish to donate land around Glenway Woods to the Cincinnati Park Board. If another organization can hold the land, then we send landowners directly to them.

Thirteen people (who own over 609 acres of land) along the Corridor were also contacted. Communi­cations with these people continued quarterly.

Our first sign was erected at 2528 River Road. It reads “Entering the Western Wildlife Corridor”. It looks great with the new logo and many thanks to Gerry and Alan Baker for allowing us to place it in their yard (see article and photo page three).

A newsletter was distributed quarterly.

We have raised the funds to match a $6000 matching grant made to us.  We also received a $6000 grant from the SC Ministry Foundation (see article on page four).

Membership renewal letters were sent out last month and we have received quite a few memberships to date. Many thanks to the following WWC members who have renewed their memberships for 2001:   Alan & Gerry Baker, Buckeye Forest Council, Citizen’s Land Conservancy (Roland and Clare Johnson), Bruce Cortright, James Donovan, The Frolichers, Brett & Sherry Goodson, Richard & Sharon Hand, Cara Hardesty, Judy & Bob Helmes, Sue Holtmann & Joseph Baxter, Steve King, Louis & Mary Kay Kroner, Jerry & Dianne Langen, John & Char Lewinski, Richard Mohaupt, Tom & Ellen Morn, Jessica Murdaugh, Frank & Linda Nantz, Judy & Bob Neal, Shirley Pratt, Bill Reichling, Ed & Kitty Riley, The Rolfes Family, Jim & Eileen Schenk, Peg & Ray Sisson, Sisters of Charity/Delhi House, Sisters of Charity/La Casa del Sol, Dee Sizler, Jean Stoehr, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Sweeder,  Diana & Rick Veid, Ronald Wiemann, James & Kathleen Wohl from The Woosley Family

Finally, thanks to all those who have contributed to WWC this year (both financially and otherwise). We are excited about the prospects for next year and know that next year will be even better. The future of WWC depends on the dedication and perseverance of its members and we are on the right track!

The Passage of State Issue 1: What It Means To WWC

This past Election Day, November 7th one issue was approved without much fanfare. Issue 1 passed, allowing the State of Ohio to issue $400 million in bonds for conservation and environmental cleanup. The bonds will be divided into two areas, $200 million for open space and conservation and secondly, an additional $200 million for the revital­ization of brownfields. Of the $200 million for open space and conservation, $100 million in bonds will be issued for open space (for either purchase or for conservation easements). (The remaining $100 million consists of bonds for watersheds, trails and a program for farmland preservation.)

This will provide a great first step towards preserv­ing land statewide and making a regional statement for the entire country (to view as a possible model). The entire state can be made aware of what is possible in preserving our beautiful open space in Ohio.

See also Steve Dana’s “The Dana Report (#16)"

WWC Installs First Sign

Western Wildlife Corridor, Inc. installed its first sign at 2528 River Rd. in Sedamsville at the residence of Gerry and Alan Baker. The sign was installed on Saturday, October 4th  a glorious autumn day. The Bakers graciously allowed us to install the sign in their front yard. They also supplied cobblestones from the original River Road, which were arranged around the base of the sign, adding a significant historical cohesiveness to the sign.

The sign reads “Entering the Western Wildlife Corridor” on the front and “Leaving the Western Wildlife Corridor” on the back. If you haven’t spotted it yet, it is located between Mt. Hope and Galvin Roads on River Road and is a white sign with the colorful new logo, trimmed in wood.

 Additionally, we would like to thank the sign installation team of Alan Baker, Jim Schenk, Don Peck, Cheryl Reinke Peck, Bob Neal, Ron Kruse, and Gerry Baker for the great job of leveling and installing the sign in the Baker’s front yard. The photo shows the team of installers: Alan Baker, Jim Schenk, Don Peck, Cheryl Reinke Peck, Bob Neal, Ron Kruse, and Gerry Baker.

We are also scouting out locations in both the middle and the end of the Corridor for additional signs. If anyone knows of a property owner in the above locations who may be interested in placing a WWC sign in their yard, please call us at 244-2250.



SC Ministry Foundation Awards Grant to WWC

WWC received a one-time only grant from SC Ministry Foundation to provide outreach to support com­munity residents and landowners in preserving greenspace. This grant is greatly appreciated for furthering our mission of land preservation both now and in the future. This is a positive step in the right direction!

This may be the catalyst for our success in reaching out in the community and increasing the awareness level of our plans for preservation. Hopefully, others will be motivated by our successes.

We are grateful to the SC Ministry Foundation for their grant and, in addition, to the other generous mem­bers who donated. Thank you!

Western Wildlife Board of Directors

Meg Riestenberg          David Myers
Ron Riestenberg             Bob Neal
Jim Schenk                   Judy Neal
Ron Kruse                    Nancy Cavanaugh
Don Patrick                  Mike Maio
Joe Weisenberger           Dee Sizler