New Buckeye Trace Property!


By Tim Sisson

After six years of trying, Western Wildlife Corridor has signed an agreement to buy an

absolutely gorgeous property in Sayler Park. This property is exactly the kind of land

that we were founded to protect; 15.7 acres of mature forest in the Ohio River valley. It

sits on the hillside above Hillside Avenue a bit north of Rapid Run Road.

When our inspection team first visited the Sayler Park property (which we are now

calling Buckeye Trace), they were delighted to find it almost completely covered with

large trees including white ash, hackberry and both northern red and chinkapin oak.

Another big plus was the gravel road which formed a great trail to the top of the

property. Here they were treated to a magnificent view of the Ohio River valley. The

photo shows Marianne and Joyce on this trail near some very large trees.

This property is also important because it is close to others that have been protected:

the Beekley and Voss properties where we have Conservation Easements, Delhi

Township’s Story Woods Park and Bender Mountain. Thus we will again expand the

area of land protected near Rapid Run Creek and Sayler Park.

Now we come to the next important phase of this project – raising the money needed

for the purchase. If you are interested in the protection of natural areas, here is a

project that clearly deserves your support. By sending your check to Western Wildlife

Corridor now (for deposit in our land purchase account) you will be helping with the

protection of a beautiful property that will benefit wildlife and human beings in our

corridor forever.

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