Great news, Bender Mountain praised as best place in Cincinnati to view native wildflowers!

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Local native plant expert, UC Professor Denis Conover wrote an article singing the praises of Western Wildlife Corridor’s Bender Mountain.

“I’m doing my best to get the word out about invasive plants and the great work being done on Bender Mountain”. – Denis Conover
Excerpted from article…
Bender Mountain Preserve on Bender Road is protected and managed by the Western Wildlife Corridor. Conover specifically enjoys the preserve because the Western Wildlife Corridor volunteers have worked relentlessly to remove invasive species such as Amur honeysuckle from the preserve. After removal of the honeysuckle, native wildflowers reappeared on the property.

“That is why I think that Bender Mountain Preserve is now the best place in Hamilton County to observe native wildflowers,” Conover says.

But Tim Sisson, president of the Western Wildlife Corridor, says it certainly wasn’t easy to bring those native wild flowers back. “We undertook an aggressive program to remove the aliens,” he says. “Bender Mountain is a great example of the success of our efforts. Because of our efforts, we now have a healthy forest that supports many, many species of animals and hundreds of species of native plants.” Bender Mountain Preserve is fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers working to keep the invasive plants under control.

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