Dog Etiquette

At Western Wildlife Corridor it puts a smile on our face when we see people using the trails. We strive to make our nature preserves as safe and accessible as possible while also protecting the ecological integrity. Not only do we welcome people, but we also invite our furry best friends to enjoy the trails too. It is important that when you do decide to bring a dog with you to use a leash and clean up after your pal. Our priority is to make sure each visitor has a meaningful and positive experience. Here are some good reasons to always keep your dog on a leash:

  1. Encounters with unleashed dogs can be unpleasant and stressful for other people trying to use the trail.
  2. No matter how much your dog has been trained they might act differently in a new environment. Not only that, wild animals can be unpredictable around your pet.
  3. If your dog goes off trail, they can disturb and harm the plant life that we are trying to protect in our preserves.
  4. You can get fined by law enforcement. We want to make sure that our members enjoy what our preserves have to offer. Let’s make it safer for the animals, plants, and us by remembering to leash our dogs.

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